Metroplex Oral Facial Surgery has provided exceptional service for my husband over the past year. He has had some major bone loss and was in need of two implants after extraction. We chose Dr. Lucente to perform all the procedures and are really glad we did. Not only is the facility in our hometown of Mesquite, but they accept both of our insurance plans and really try to work with their patients. Last year Dr. Lucente did two extractions for my husband and was to follow up with a sinus augmentation and bone graft as well as implants.  We waited for a year after the extractions due to some insurance problems, but recently my husband went back in for the bone graft. Dr. Lucente decided he would try to place the implants at the same time so my husband would not have to have the additional procedure after healing from the sinus augmentation/bone graft. My husband had the procedure and Dr. Lucente was able to place the implants at the same time and also ended up being able to charge half the cost for the bone graft as he originally thought.  Both the extractions and the sinus augmentation/bone graft and implant procedures took less than one hour, so my husband wasn’t under anesthesia for very long and did not suffer the after effects most suffer after surgery.  We could not be more pleased with Dr. Lucente and Metroplex Oral Facial Surgery.

Ruby C.


I was referred to Metroplex Oral Surgery by my dentist back in December of 2012 because I had just had a crown break off at the gum line and was in need of an implant.  After a long history of tooth problems, I met with the staff at Metroplex Oral Surgery and then with Dr. Lucente.  Having very few teeth not crowned or missing on the top of my mouth, after discussing my options, I chose to have all the teeth remaining on top pulled and have four implants which would hold a permanent denture in place.  The staff was very knowledgeable and the feeling I got from Dr. Lucente was such that I decided to do this ASAP.  I was getting married in January of 2013 and they were able to get me in, take care of everything, and two weeks prior to my wedding, I had the surgery.  The surgery went so smoothly and everyone was so nice to me both during surgery and at my follow up – it was like seeing old friends!!  And yes, I said two weeks prior to my wedding.  I had a beautiful new smile for my wedding pictures – it looked better than my smile had looked in years!  I even called Dr. Lucente on my honeymoon with a question of concern and he got right back with me – I have never had such expert and concerned treatment from a doctor, let alone personalized. He got back to me personally. Having a permanent denture held in place by implants was something I never even imagined but it was the answer I had been looking for and would never have considered if I had not gone to Metroplex Oral Surgery.  My entire experience was wonderful (even having surgery, yes, wonderful!) because of the treatment I received from Dr. Lucente and his staff.  I would 100% recommend, and have recommended, Metroplex Oral Surgery to anyone who is thinking of implants or oral surgery of any kind.  If you want the best treatment available, these are the people to see!!!  Thank you everyone at Metroplex Oral Surgery for giving me my smile back!

Cyndi H.


Dr. Lucente performed my first tooth extraction when I was 7. Given my extreme anxiety before the procedure, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I required no pain medication after and did not experience any swelling or complications. More recently, Dr. Lucente consulted on a case where I was concerned that surgery might be necessary to remove a tumor in my mandible. He was prompt in responding to my queries and putting my mind at ease.

I highly recommend Dr. Lucente and his office.

Kerrie N.
Had an appointment next week for a consultation with another oral surgeon to have my wisdom teeth removed. Last night, one of them decided the time was NOW! I got almost no sleep because of the pain. Great thing the night before you have jury duty, right?

So I went to the courthouse, explained my issue and they rescheduled me. Called the oral surgeon I was supposed to see next week and discovered the doctors were all out of town this week. Then I hit Yelp. Found Metroplex Oral and Facial Surgery, not too far from my home. Called them and 30 minutes later I was in the office for a consult. Long story short, they got me in as the first patient after lunch, took care of all my insurance, explained the procedures for surgery in detail and made me feel comfortable. Even though I was at a surgeons office and in pain, we had a good time joking and laughing which really put me at ease.

I was in quite a bit of pain and they managed to get me in the same day and remove all of my wisdom teeth. Working in a medical practice, I know how tough that is. Dr. Lucente and his team went over everything with me and gave me plenty of time to ask questions. So now I am back at home, no more toothache, eating a milkshake (Dr prescribed!) and even my neck and shoulder pain has already vanished.

Thank you to Dr. Lucente and his entire team! You have no idea how much I appreciate what you did for me today!

David C.